Ali McGregor

“Last year Eddie and I posed the question, ‘What comes next’. This year, with Adelaide Festival Centre under renovation, the world feeling upturned, and the Festival Theatre full of ‘revolting’ children, an underlying sense of revolution couldn’t help but appear…

We have programmed great story-tellers, acts that present an entirely different world view to our own, performers that challenge our perception of physicality, gender and aesthetics, new original writing, and some of the finest songbook interpreters in the world.

There are performers that you already know and love, dream acts that have been on our wish list for years and acts that we have only just discovered.

This year things are going to look a little bit different. Rooms won’t be where they used to be and new spaces will appear. The tables are indeed turning, but I think you’ll find everything you love about this glorious winter festival just around that previously unnoticed corner…"

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Eddie Perfect

“To say it’s been a tumultuous year would be an understatement. The world seems to have shifted since the last note was sung at Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2016.

Once again, Ali and I have assembled a glorious roster of artists who are here to upset the apple cart, shift your perspective, turn over the tables and stain your glad rags with their infectious world-view. As always, we have the world’s best cabaret artists on hand to dig under the comfortable outer-layers of virtue, love, war, propriety and truth.

We hope that you’ll enter this festival with the same astonishing open-mindedness as you’ve brought time and time again to the experience of cabaret. 2017 promises to be intimate, unsettling, uplifting and filled with delightful chaos. We hope you’ll get dirty with us, take it all for a spin and come up smelling like roses. The table is set and waiting; all we need is you to come and turn it over.”

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Who's Making the Festival

Who's Making the Festival

The team behind Adelaide Festival Centre's 2017 Adelaide Cabaret Festival.